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Coke, Coffee & Chardonnay
 by A J Syme

On the momentous day Alice Drummond found out that Keith Richards admitted snorting his dead father's ashes, she realises addiction is a bad thing. She is sick of the caffeine headaches, hangover thirsts, and tired of being out of control – she wants control back. She begins a thirty-one day abstinence from her Coke, coffee, and Chardonnay diet. The only thing is; it's not as easy as she thinks. Living in the South of Spain, as a lady of banal leisure, is not amenable to a life of abstinence. What else is there to do on the coast, but fill an empty life with caffeine and an empty glass with Chardonnay?
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Date published: 7 November 2015

Doubts and Dilemmas
 by Evita O'Malley

In his wife, Mrs Elizabeth Darcy, Fitzwilliam Darcy finally found his counterpart: a woman who would challenge and excite him, a partner he could respect, and someone he could share his life with. But what if there had been other women before Elizabeth? Women who had not shared Darcy's life, but his bed. What if one had a secret that threatened to devastate all he hoped for in his new life with Elizabeth? With secrets to maintain, and secrets to uncover, will the Darcys’ love be strong enough to survive the truths that must eventually emerge, or will early doubts and dilemmas destroy all that has so far been fought for and won?
Genre: Historical Romance
Date published: 10 August 2015

From Grievance to Tribunal
 by D W Knight

Long hours and a culture of bullying in the workplace left the author in such poor health that she qualified as disabled under the Disability Discrimination Act. Then she challenged her management she was subjected to a campaign of harassment that lasted eleven months before being unceremoniously fired. After filing claims in the Employment Tribunal the author spent a year navigating the legal maze to the final hearing, going through four separate legal advisers, including a gypsy who moonlighted as a cage fighter. This is the story of the author's struggle to maintain her health and keep her case going against all odds.
Genre: Biographical
Date published: 9 September 2014

Hunting Pink
 by Keir Livesey Cheetham

Jim is coming to terms with redundancy and early retirement. He decides to write the novel he has been promising himself, and to fall in love again – with his wife. Unfortunately, Jim finds Ali difficult to woo a second time. She is content with the way things are, and is not keen on changes being made. Suffering from the feeling of a lack of worth, Jim uses the main character in the novel he is writing – Caradoc Pink – to develop a personality that he would like to have, and strives to be more like him. As the novel progresses, so does Jim’s confidence, but it is not until he meets Jayne, an aspiring literary agent, and she and Ali form an alliance, that Jim finally becomes happy with himself.
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Date published: 30 April 2015

More Hopes & Dreams
 by Dee Williams

 1950. After her marriage went badly wrong, Dolly Taylor returned to Rotherhithe from America. She is now helping her best friend, Penny, to walk again after she contracted polio. Not able to have children of her own, Dolly envies Penny for having a beautiful baby daughter, Gail. With his gratuity money, Penny's husband, Reg, has set up his own business as a builder, and offers Dolly a job in the office. At times, Dolly wonders what Reg has got mixed up in, as trouble seems to follow him. Tony, who was engaged to Dolly before the war, also works for Reg, and is still pursuing his childhood sweetheart. Dolly still finds herself attracted to Tony, but she has her reasons for rejecting him.
Genre: Family Saga/Historical Romance
Date published: 11 March 2016 Cover design by Samantha Groom

Nothing's Forever
 by Stuart Michaels

Nick Thompson is a private detective living and working in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Self taught, he's had to learn the hard way. Eighteen years in the business has produced a strong character. Driven by success and money has also made him unpopular with his peers. He's good and only hires the best to work alongside him in a rapidly growing business. Nick Thompson recognised the need to expand and engaged in a tough, rapid solution. A confirmed bachelor, his private life has changed more recently, but a meeting with a stranger at a local football match has Nick thinking seriously about his future.
Genre: Crime
Date published: 31 May 2017

The Buzzer
 by David Mason

For the last forty years a mysterious radio transmission known as 'The Buzzer' has been broadcasting continuously across the world. It can be heard by anyone, but is understood by no one. Nobody knows its purpose and nobody has ever claimed responsibility for it. All Natalya ever wanted was a chance to prove herself as a journalist. After five years of empty promises at one of Moscow's largest media stations, it is time to take matters into her own hands. Solving the mystery of the broadcast could be the breakthrough story she so desperately needs. Along with Stepan Litvin, a short-wave radio enthusiast and computer programmer, she begins to uncover the truth behind 'the buzzer'.
Genre: Thriller
Date published: 25 September 2017

The Dreams of Kings
 by David Saunders

In the year 1464, the Kingdom is engulfed by civil war as the renowned houses of Lancaster and York fight to the death for the crown of England. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the future Richard III, arrives, aged twelve, for the safety of Middleham Castle to begin his training for knighthood.  Far in the north, Margaret of Anjou, warrior Queen to Henry VI, prepares to fight against the advancing armies of Edward IV. King Edward IV, tall, handsome, and clever, is a brilliant warrior, whose Achilles' heel is women; he loves them all. What dark forces drive him into a secret marriage that rips his kingdom apart?  From the courts of Edward IV, Louis XI, and Margaret of Anjou, comes intrigue, betrayal, witchcraft, and love.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Date published: 26 August 2014

The Marriage Certificate
 by Stephen Molyneux

What prompts amateur family historian Peter Sefton to buy the marriage certificate he sees on display in an antiques arcade? Is it because he thinks it should be private and he wants to remove it from public view? Is it the prospect of researching the individuals named upon it? Or is it something else, happenstance perhaps, which leads him towards a potentially lucrative discovery and a long forgotten family secret? When John and Louisa marry in January 1900, who could foretell how their lives and those of ambitious Rose, the bridesmaid, and confident Frank, the best man, would be changed that day? Follow their story, through Peter’s research. Find out how he finds himself pulled along to uncover a series of sad and tragic events.
Genre: Genealogical Mystery
Date published: 24 June 2013

Rupert's Diary
by Marilyn Saunders

Rupert, a Norwegian Forest cat – or so he believes – lives in the city with his ugly furless human and his fluffy but dim cat sister, Meg. All he wants is a peaceful life: to snooze on his favourite shed, to be fed daily – at least twice – and to receive his human’s love and attention. Is it too much to ask, for a cat of his standing? Instead, Rupert’s days are filled with trials and tribulations; especially when he has to deal with other humans, his middle-of-the-street cat neighbours, and great snouted barking mad animals!Join Rupert on his daily expeditions as he negotiates furballs, bottom boils, and trips to the vet, whilst living with the threat of moving to a cardboard box in the middle of the road…Will he get enough to eat? Will Meg ever find a boyfriend? What dangers lurk in Scary Alley? Most importantly, what on earth is his human doing with big man gardener?"A delightful feline tale, but definitely not for younger children!"
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